Each patient who comes into Berdy Dental Group is unique, requiring different procedures and treatments from our dentists. Dr. Christian Berdy, Dr. Cary Berdy and our dental office love meeting with our patients, and they love hearing how their dental appointment in Jacksonville, Florida, went. To leave your own review, comment online or leave a message with us at 904-389-1376.

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5.0 rating

Has to be the most professional Dental Office I have ever been to! They started with greeting me and checking me in which was a quick process. The office had a sophistication classy look that was really comforting. After my check in the receptionist toured me around the dental office and introduced me to most of staff. I’m a veteran and everyone knew which was so nice to hear from all of them the ‘Thank you serving’! I even received a gift bag 💖 the sun visor is great especially living in Florida definitely a good take away gift. I felt very safe being there with this Covid Pandemic going on. Everyone was very clean everything was very sanitary. You even have to sanitize your mouth lol. Very quick and proficient work. The Docs were great along with the hygienist i saw after omg she was such a sweetheart! My Dental Hygienist gave me great tips on how to maintain and upkeep my pretty teeth! I honestly can’t wait to visit again, I’ve always liked going to the dentist but with the Berdy group I loved it! For those who don’t like or scared of the dentist these guys and gals will definitely make your experience an great one. Don’t skip out on your teeth health go by and see everyone at Berdy Dental Group!

Alexandra D.
5.0 rating

The most pleasant and professional environment which makes my visits seem like a Family reunion.

Eric W we aye
5.0 rating

There is absolutely no other dental practice that is even in the same superior category with the Berdy group. I am 77 years old and have been going there for 30 years – AND – my parents were also Berdy patients!!! My entire family has beautiful healthy teeth and gums because Dr. Berdy and his staff of hygienists are the very best in both the technical and patient care aspects of dentistry. The staff are incredible: very professional, genuinely friendly, very caring, and always remember my name. I’m a real scaredy cat because of bad experiences from a horrible childhood dentist. But, I have always felt totally safe, secure, and understood with every member of the staff. In fact, I actually enjoy every minute I’m there!!! I don’t care where I live, I will always keep my dental care with this very special group of extraordinary experts!

Linda Ricker
5.0 rating

I would like to praise the excellent care Dr Cary Berdy and his assistant Alyssa saved me yesterday in replacing my old crown and saving my tooth. Dr. Berdy took the time to evaluate my tooth to me and give pictures of just how bad the tooth was. Together he and Alyssa saved it . Especially would like to thank Alyssa for letting me watch how she made my new crown while I waited. Very impressive!

Robert Thomas
5.0 rating

Supportive and professional at every turn.

Mark H.
5.0 rating

I went in for my exam and x-rays and will go back for my cleaning later this month but so far so good! Everyone was very nice and accommodating and it was a great experience.

Caroline W.
5.0 rating

Never had a bad experience always a good visit.

Dallas D.
5.0 rating

Very professional and friendly. Do excellent work and listen to your questions.

Ronald L.
5.0 rating

I’m 46 years old and never experienced a dental visit like this. Dr Berdy and his staff were, pleasant, fun and understanding of my concerns. They put me at ease and I was given an education while addressing my dental needs. I highly recommend Berdy Dental Group!

Joey Perez
5.0 rating

I am a GP dentist. I came to Dr Berdy’s office 10 years ago asking for help for my daughter’s TMJ excruciating pain. Dr. Berdy was the only periodontist in town who owned a CT scan.
He sat down with us for 2 hours, analyzing the different views of her scan and advising us on how to proceed. He was patient and meticulous and answered all our questions. He charged us a very reasonable fee compared to the time and expertise he offered us.
Last week, my daughter drove me to Dr. Berdy. This time it was for my broken tooth. I was received very courteously by his staff who offered us healthy drinks from their waiting room mini fridge:) After a short wait, I was taken to a a state of the art CT scan machine. Then Dr. Berdy came and sat with me for 30 minutes, going through the multiple layers and views of my scan, explaining the possibilities and the risks of different procedures. He gave me his undivided attention and answered all my questions, then with a smile, left me to his assistant who walked me out. They offered me a surgery date for a few days later that I unfortunately had to decline. My appointment is now in 3 weeks which will give me time to get organized. A few days later, I called Dr. Berdy’s office because I had more questions about the kind of implant and of graft that he will be using. Dr. Berdy personally called me back and provided me with ample information. Because he uses the best quality products and he has years of experience and great reviews, I chose him and recommend him to everyone looking for a knowledgeable, thorough periodontist.

Micheline Baz
5.0 rating

Fabulous office and detail oriented- honest, ethical periodontist. Dr Berdy, Sr. , a periodontist. was very through with me and explained the various aspects of good gum health and how to continue to take care of them and even do more. He met with me in person in his office prior to proceeding to the examination room, which is particular unusual and nice. He probably spent 45 minutes with me during the exam, which is really rare in this day and age where healthcare providers are typically rushed and spend five minutes with you. I was particularly appreciative. The office, which is located in the Riverside section of Jacksonville , is modern, clean and the administrative staff are extremely friendly. Fortunately Dr Berdy, Sr. also participates in my dental plan, AARP Delta Dental as well as the hygienists. This makes an extreme difference is cost. Their staff was also able to make an appointment with me for a hygienist to perform a cleaning while I was there, as they had a cancellation. Dr Berdy Sr. is particularly honest and straightforward and I knew this in just a few minutes. That was the most important aspect of the visit because I went on my own for a second opinion and he is from a generation of specialists that do work that is required to be done , as opposed to much of the current generation who sadly perform work that may, or may not, be truly necessary. This was probably the best aspect of the visit because I knew the advice and information I was receiving would be accurate and completely targeted toward my dental health and not with regard to profit etc. I would recommend his office, and his services to anyone with the highest of recommendations.

5.0 rating

I was looking for a dental place that did more than just the general things so as not to have to go from one place to another. The staff was very kind and took me on a tour of the facility. My husband was offered beverages and was treated very kindly by the staff. Dr. Berdy was very kind and explained every detail to me and was very conscientious concerning my comfort during my procedure. He also called my husband that evening to ask how I was doing. I’m extremely pleased and would like to continue coming to this facility.

Laudalina Keenan
5.0 rating

Everyone was super nice and the lady who cleaned my teeth was awesome! Made sure I was comfortable. The dentist and lady who cleaned my teeth was very thorough and helpful. I learned more about my teeth today than I did since I’ve needed help with them. Hands down best dental experience I’ve had!

Brandon Karimi
5.0 rating

I searched for 3 months to find the best dentist/periodontal practice that fit our needs and I found it. Leslie is awesome at cleaning and makes you feel so at home. Dr. Berdy is great and very knowledgable. The entire staff is friendly and makes you feel very welcome. I highly recommend this practice.

Lexi MacLane
5.0 rating

The best Dentist and staff I ever went to. Explains your condition, painless dental care. Office personnel excellent, helpful and friendly.

Joseph M.

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