Why Choose Berdy Dental Group?

Comprehensive Convenience

Berdy Dental Group offers our customers the convenience of true comprehensive care. Dr. Cary Berdy provides a full range of general dentistry services, giving your whole family access to everything from biannual dental exams and cleanings to fillings and root canal work. We also have renowned periodontist Dr. Christian Berdy on-site to handle intricate periodontal procedures such as soft tissue grafts, scaling and root planning, as well as trademarked procedures such as ARESTIN® Treatment and the Chao Pinhole® technique. No matter what your need, Berdy Dental Group has you covered. At the same time, we always remain respectful of your personal preferences and to referring dentists. That means if you only require periodontal services and love your current general dentist, you won’t find anyone pressuring you to make a switch. We’re simply here to help how we can. 

Enduring Experience

Very few dental offices in the area can claim more than 80 years of continuous service to Jacksonville  – Berdy Dental Group can. Dr. Christian Berdy joined an existing, flourishing practice back in 1975 and upheld the company’s commitment to quality, affordable dental care throughout the years, even as his partners retired. The practice was formally renamed Berdy Dental Group in 2016 when Dr. Berdy’s son – Dr. Cary Berdy – broadened the periodontal practice by adding general dentistry back into the mix. Berdy Dental Group’s experienced doctors and proven team of hygienists are all dedicated to adding more healthy smiles to our community at large.

Advanced Technology

Not only does Berdy Dental Group take great pride in our experienced doctors and hygienists, but we’re also committed to staying in step with the latest technology. Berdy Dental Group regularly invests in advanced technology so our expert doctors can provide our patients with cutting-edge solutions for all their dental needs. You’ll find our offices are fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, including digital X-rays and 3D cone imaging and printing. We also offer laser gum therapy (LANAP) as well as same-day dentistry, which utilizes E4D technology to provide you with a custom-made, high-quality dental restoration in a single visit to our office.

Unparalleled Service

No one inherently loves going to the dentist, but we’re confident our customers’ experiences in the dental chair are the best they can be. How do we know? It’s easy to tell when more than 75 percent of our clients come from patient referrals and whole generations of families visit and revisit our offices. People are initially drawn by our experienced dentists and advanced technology, but they return time and time again because of the way they are treated throughout each step of the process. From intake, to cleanings, to procedures, to follow-ups, Berdy Dental Group ensures that each person you encounter treats you in a friendly, respectful manner. Our office is owned and operated by a father-son team and we can assure you that family feeling encompasses our patients too. Learn more by checking out some of the testimonials found on our five-star google review, or better yet, come in and see for yourself!